A woman caught on camera chewing through security wires in an attempt to steal an iPhone 14 from a store was apprehended just minutes after the theft.



In China, a woman managed to abscond with an iPhone 14 by gnawing through the security cable intended to safeguard the phone. Nevertheless, her luck ran out as she was apprehended just half an hour following the

The iPhone 14 stands as one of the most coveted smartphones worldwide, fueling people's fervor to obtain this cutting-edge device. However, some individuals are willing to go to extreme lengths, resorting to unfair tactics to acquire it. Throughout the past, numerous instances of iPhone 14 thefts from stores have been reported, and another such case has recently surfaced online, leaving many incredulous.

Woman Resorts to Unconventional Theft Method: Chewing Through Security Cable to Steal iPhone 14

According to a report from the South China Morning Post, the culprit, identified by the surname Qiu and hailing from the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian, brazenly pilfered an iPhone 14 Plus. In a daring move, she resorted to gnawing through the store's security cable to make off with the coveted device. This audacious act was captured on video and has since gone viral on Chinese social media platforms. The value of the stolen phone amounted to a staggering 7,000 yuan. theft.

According to surveillance footage obtained from the store, Qiu approached the display stand, positioning herself in front of it and leaning over the counter to access the phone. She meticulously examined the device before audaciously commencing her unconventional theft method - chewing through the security cable that was tethered to the phone, originally intended to safeguard it. With sheer determination, she managed to completely sever the cable, discreetly placing the purloined phone into her bag before calmly exiting the store.

In a cunning twist, while gnawing at the cable, Qiu adopted the guise of a typical customer by pretending to casually scroll through the phone. This clever ruse was aimed at deflecting any suspicion from onlookers.

The store manager reported that an alarm had been triggered during the incident. However, the store's staff refrained from taking immediate action, as their initial approach to Qiu revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

As the woman casually exited the store, with the stolen iPhone discreetly tucked away in her bag, astute store employees quickly discovered the missing phone and the cable that had been gnawed through. This discovery prompted an immediate alert to the police, and within a mere 30 minutes of the audacious theft, the woman was apprehended.

Regarding the iPhone 14:

Last year, the iPhone 14 made its debut in India, comprising the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. While the iPhone 14 shared many similarities with its predecessor, the 2021 iPhone 13, the Pro models of the iPhone 14 underwent notable enhancements, including an upgraded processor and the highly-discussed dynamic island notch design.

The iPhone 14's camera system also boasted improvements in low-light photography thanks to the incorporation of the Photonic Engine in its rear camera. However, under optimal lighting conditions, the photography performance remained comparable to that of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

Currently, there is a whirlwind of speculation surrounding the upcoming iPhone 15, slated for a September 12 launch this year. Among these speculations, the most talked-about potential features include all models adopting a dynamic island notch and supporting Type-C charging.

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