Harsh Realities Prompt Vision Pro Returns



Recent reports suggest a surge in returns for Apple's Vision Pro headsets, with users expressing discomfort, headaches, and eye strain as key issues.

This increase in returns coincides with the expiration of Apple's 14-day return policy, indicating a potential decline in initial enthusiasm for the $3,500 device.

The bulky design of the headset has emerged as a significant concern for users. The front-heavy weight distribution has been associated with physical discomfort, leading to headaches and motion sickness for some users.

Although dry eyes and redness have long been linked to VR headsets, the intensity of these symptoms with the Vision Pro appears particularly notable.

Ache, Eye Strain, and Unease

Customers returning the Vision Pro headset to Apple stores are airing their complaints to the staff. They indicate that while the device initially offers a captivating experience, its bulky and awkward design detracts from this aspect. Consequently, many users find it challenging to wear for even short durations. This discomfort has prompted some to share their experiences online, influencing their decision to return the product. Moreover, several others echo the sentiment of finding the headset too costly to justify enduring persistent headaches and eye strain.

The Quest for the Perfect Fit

The ergonomic hurdles presented by wearable technologies are a longstanding concern. Smartwatches often grapple with case size in relation to wrist size, while smart rings may face challenges related to finger size or swelling. Smart glasses and headsets, such as the Vision Pro, encounter comparable issues with fit and comfort, especially for individuals with low nose bridges or those requiring a device that effectively blocks out light.

When the Initial Amazement Fades

Apart from the physical concerns, the practicality of the Vision Pro has been called into question. Users have expressed productivity hurdles, indicating that the headset lacks sufficient functionality to justify its cost.

Critiques vary from struggles with viewing Figma screens to the headset's inadequacy for professional tasks. Programmers have highlighted unsatisfactory coding experiences and focus-related challenges resulting in headaches. Additionally, the absence of games and entertainment options further detracts from the device's appeal for some users.

"Current Discontent, Future Consideration: Open to a Second Iteration"

While a vocal segment of early adopters voices dissatisfaction and plans to return the device, others remain receptive to the possibility of a second-generation Vision Pro. They argue that the technology itself isn't flawed; rather, it's the lack of compelling applications and the necessity for enhanced comfort.

The full scope of the return trend remains uncertain, as does Apple's internal projections for the headset's success. Nevertheless, the input from this vocal minority has the potential to shape the future evolution and enhancement of the Vision Pro headset.

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